SidTech Image Uploader V3
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What is this, then???
The SidTech Uploader was originally born late 2003. It allowed users to easily upload up to 10 images, and get code to post on a forum. It meant there was no need to fanny about with FTP clients, and because of random filenames name clashes werent a problem - this is particularly useful when uploading sets of images (i.e. 1.jpg to 10.jpg). Due to the content being adult allowed on the uploader, we had to move to a different server. This was a good time to have a revamp of the software - to the now much more feature-rich uploader.
What does it cost?
Nothing!! Our host allows a very large data transfer quota per month, the service is being provided to you for free.
There must be some limitations?!
By way of keeping a track on where images are used and on our traffic, images can only be hot-linked (posted) on authorised sites. This will also stop random sites on the interwebnet linking your pictures without your knowing.

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